Broerup Engineering
Meteorvej 61
DK-2730 Herlev

Tel +45 44 92 82 12
Fax:  +45 44 92 82 00

Consulting Services
Technical consulting regarding specification and implementation of internet technology.
Development and programming of web/intranet functions, e.g. online calculations.
Specification, development and programming of advanced web site back-ends.
Integrating internet and telecommunication, including Web, WAP, SMS, Email and telephony.
Integrating internet and other technologies. (The temperature in Herlev is now °C.)

We solve the task - not just the requirements specification.

Standard Products from Broerup Engineering
ClipSys® - knowledge management system for large amounts of news clips
ChatterBox - high performance chat server with ASP frontend (Linux version available on request)

About Broerup Engineering
Broerup Engineering was founded in 1990 by Morten BrÝrup during his university studies. Broerup Engineering is owned and run by Morten BrÝrup, M.Sc. EE, who also has experience from employment at Thrane & Thrane (development and integration of telephone switches for satellite communication), Siemens (integration of computer managed package handling center in Copenhagen Airport), SoundSource Systems (R&D manager), Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. (development of software for gigabit speed network chips) and more.

In May 1995 Broerup Engineering participated in starting the vertical portal, which a.o. was used for demonstrating various new technologies. In December 2000 our share was sold to the webmaster of the portal. During the entire period the portal was superiourly leading its area, considering both market share (number of users), content (amount of information) and technology (access to party information via SMS etc.).

Today, Morten BrÝrup is CTO of SmartShare Systems, a company developing intelligent bandwidth management products. Consequently, Broerup Engineering has chosen to limit its services to special expert projects and maintenance jobs for long time customers.

Customer References
SID, one of the largest Danish labour unions (online calculations, mobile calculation sheet)
The Ministry of Employment in Denmark (online calculations, online pamphlet ordering, ClipSys news clip system)
PensionsSelskaberne, a Danish pension fund (online calculations), international Quiz portal (WAP integration), Danish music portal (database solution, SMS integration)
Biograf Online, Danish cinema portal (database solution)
MIRSK digital, international voice messaging company (telephony/internet voice response system, audio recording with network storage)
and more